Jimmie Gilley

I was drafted into the Army in November 1964, going to Fort Knox, Ky. for basic training then on to Fort Hood, Texas for Tank Diesel Mechanic Course, also took my AIT at Fort Hood Texas. In September 1965 I volunteered for Airborne and was accepted and sent to Fort Banning, Georgia for Jump School, after my 2 weeks of training, I was assigned to the 101st Airborne, A Company 501st Infantry.

After couple months at Fort Campbell, Ky.501st became the 4th  Battalion 503rd of the 173rd and joined the rest of the Sky Soldiers in June 1966 at Bien Hua the home base of 173rd. I was with A Company 4th Battalion 503rd Infantry . Before my ETS, I was up in Danang helping out the Marines, all I can remember, it was called Monkey Mountain. Did some night patrol over looking Hwy 1 toward Hue.  What happen in Viet Nam, I left everything behind.

I was ETS in October 1966 and return to U.S for discharge. After my discharged, I tried to get my old job back but they refused to hire me back because I was Viet Nam Veteran, next day I joined the Army and went to Fort Mammoth, NJ for Signal School. After 19 weeks of intense training, I was assigned to Fort Lee, VA for couple months; I was reassigned to 1st Signal Brigade in long Bien, Viet Nam in December 1967.

Couple weeks in long Bien, I was once again reassign to Saigon with 169th Signal Company to assist the Viet Nam communication systems within MACV and surrounding neighborhoods.

I have served in all the Tat Offensive from 1967- 1969. In August 29th I returned to U.S. and assigned to Fort Gordon, Ga. As Signal Communication Equipment Instructor. Within 6 months, I had a new order for Germany and stayed 2yrs at Patch Barrack, Germany. Returned  back to Fort Gordon, GA. In 1974 I was back in Hanau, Germany, spend 4 yrs. there and received new order assigned to Fort Richie, Maryland in 1978 but first I have to go to Fort Huachuca, AZ for training and after this assignment I was back at Fort Gordon, GA. In 1980 I received order for Korea and did my 1 yrs. tour and back to Fort Gordon, GA .This time I was put on TDY status. In 1982 I was TDY to Honduras to train how to repair war torn equipment’s. Spend 3 month in Honduras and received another TDY order to Mogadishu, Somalia. Order was cancelled and I put my paper work for retirement. I retired in 1985 as SFC E-7 after 20 years.

In June 1986 I went to work for US Postal Service as Mail Carrier and retired in 2003.

Airborne All The Way